Banish Winter Skin!

The winter brings snow, sleet, wind, dry heat and cold, all are major contributors to ravaged winter skin. Raging fireplaces and central heating air systems decrease air humidity and increase moisture loss from our skin. If you are already prone to dry skin, winter can be even more devastating and cause major discomfort to your largest organ.

Dry skin is also known as xerosis. Itching, redness and flaking can result from the chilling, dry conditions, not to mention cracks and fissures.

So what remedies are available to ward off these winter woes? Here are some tips to help your skin stay plump, soft and hydrated during these chilly months.

  • Wash your face with handmade soap and warm water instead of hot water. Pat skin dry gently with a terry cloth towel, then apply a moisturizer while skin is still damp
  • Cracked hands love a moisturizer with petrolatum. Try M.D. Forte Hand and Body Cream. Hand cream may be applied three times during the day.
  • Beautiful hands are easy to obtain with handmade soap and a  heavy duty hand cream applied then covered with cotton gloves.
  • At high altitudes, you get lack of humidity and intense UV light which can increase the severity of xerosis. Powerful effective sunblocks are crucial. Transparent water resistant zinc-oxide sunscreen products like Skinceuticals Ultimate Daily Defense Sport SPF 30 are superb.
  • Hold in heat and moisture with sensible winter attire. Layer clothing starting with silk and polypropylene under garments, followed by outer layers of fleece, wool or cotton.
  • Use a lip protectant with an SPF throughout the day

With these simple tips, you should be able to reduce the damage winter can bring onto your delicate skin. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. Don't forget to wash with handmade soap, which is full of skin-loving ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. Your skin will thank you!
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