Benefits of Coffee Soap

I am working on a good coffee soap, scented with Mocha Cappuccino. My first attempt left the white frothy topping less than desired. I tried again today but added too much coffee and the mixture was setting up too fast and I didn't have time to add the white frothy top. Grrr... I will make a coffee soap!!

Do you know of the benefits of coffee soap? It is a miracle worker on removing kitchen odors from your hands. Garlic, onions and fish smellies are a thing of the past when you scrub with coffee soap. One thing I hate about working with fish or onions is my hands stink for the rest of the day. Coffee soap to the rescue! I really think you guys will like it if you spend a lot of time working with smelly things. I heard it even removes motor oil and gasoline odors. That would be awesome for the times when the gas pump overflows and spills on my car and I have to get a paper towel and mop it up right away. And of course the gas odor lingers on my hands.

Okay, I will try another attempt at the natural handmade soap tomorrow.
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